Home groups are central to the life of St Mary’s. Coming to worship on Sunday does not allow for the time needed to get to know people. Also, no matter how wonderful the sermon may be, you just can’t grow to your full potential spiritually without going deeper. That’s where home groups come in; they provide a place for fellowship, bible study, prayer and support to live out your Christian faith. At St Mary’s, what a home group is and does can be summarised with ‘the 3 Gs’: Grow, Give, Go. For us, these three aspects represent what a home group does and is meant to be.

If you’re new to St Mary’s or even if you’ve been here a long time, joining a home group isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s really significant. So do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

The Goldsmid Home Group

Co-ordinator: Chris Goldsmid
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The Pye Home Group

Co-ordinator: Cathy Pye
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The Ealey Home Group

Co-ordinator: Pat Ealey

Womens Home Group

Co-ordinator: Jennie Paynter
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