history_St. Mary's Church


If you are carrying out family research, the following information may be useful.
The records for St Mary’s date back to 1582 for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.
Two places hold our records (or copies of our records) and have the prefix DRO/037 and then a file number.

Ealing Local History Centre
Ealing Central Library
103, Ealing Broadway Centre,
The Broadway
London W5 5JY
Tel: 020 3700 1055

They have copies of the records on microfiche and can be viewed by appointment for the following:

Baptisms 1582 – 1948
Marriages 1582 – 1939
Burials 1582 – 1958

Ealing Local History Centre

All our records and are sent to:

London Metropolitan Archives
40 Northampton Road
London EC1R 0HB
Tel: 020 7332 3820

St Mary’s Records at the London Metropolitan Archive

St Mary’s still hold records for the following on site:

Baptisms 1968 →
Marriages 1979 →

Our graveyard has been closed for over 100 years.