Five Wednesday Evenings

February 17th – March 16th

Refreshments from 7:30pm Start 8pm

St. Mary’s Church

This year there are a choice of courses to attend.

To sign up either fill in a form in church or email the office with your name, contact details and choice of course.

Course 1 St. Mary’s Men’s Lent Course will be following Jesus’ last week on earth leading up to his crucifixion, as portrayed by Mark, and learning from him how to handle pressure in our lives by developing hope without naivety, courage without presumption and steadfast faith, not mere belief among other things. We will be using Jeff Lucas’ study guide “Singing in the rain.” Course book provided. This group is for men only.

Led by Steve Paynter


Course 2 LIFE’S JOURNEYS ” Singing in the rain” by Jeff Lucas

The course follows the last week of Jesus’ life in Mark’s gospel leading up to the crucifixion, and deals with subjects such as handling pressure, worry, painful times. There’s encouragement, inspiration and a few surprises in store!

Our Home group have really enjoyed doing two previous studies with Jeff Lucas. His relaxed manner, wonderful insights, and humour have helped us to grow.

Each week begins with a very interesting DVD with Jeff Lucas on a camping trip in a forest.

Led by members of the Goldsmid Home Group


Course 3 The psalms are the prayer book of the Bible.

They are a library of praise and petition. They provide words when we don’t have any words. They are a template for expressing who we are and all that we think and feel in the presence of God. Their words are so poignant and precise that Jesus turned to them as he hung on the cross.

We shall be studying Psalms 100, 130, 13, 23 and 127.

Course book provided

Led by Angela Barnfather


Course 4 “Searching for Jesus: Big questions”

Using the online resource we want to openly discuss and present big questions in the light of Jesus this lent. Recognising his humanity, his divinity and his sacrificial love for us.

The topics for the 5 weeks will be; Creation, Science and Christianity, Heaven and Hell, Suffering, Jesus.

The key is Jesus and how we see him through all of these questions. How we can have grace for one another this lent as he gave grace to us on the cross at Easter.

Led by Chris Kennedy