Post-Teulon additions

Further works were carried out after Teulon’s transformation and the vestry on the north side was extended in 1887. The organ was rebuilt and much enlarged in 1927. And the whole church was extensively refurbished and redecorated in the mid-1950s. The lounge was added to the south in 1959 and extended to form ‘The Polygon’ in 1978.

The most recent works had their origin back in 1984, when the Parochial Church Council decided that the only way to restore St Mary’s was to undertake a total refurbishment of both the outside and the inside of the entire building. The following year a full-scale survey was carried out, which highlighted the need for urgent work to be carried out on the tower, nave, chancel and roof, as well as the interior. The exterior work was undertaken in 1988.

In 1991, plans for the internal re-ordering were presented to the congregation and the first phase, the improvements to the West entrance of the church, were financed and carried out in 1993.