July 16, 2020 @ 7:45 pm – 9:15 pm

A new Group will start on Thursday 16 July at 7:45 to 9:15 and will be looking at God’s unfolding revelation across the whole bible – BIBLE EXPLAINED – in 7 Great Journeys, so that we can see our own part in God’s amazing plan for the world.
Contact Alex Volossevich by email: revav@outlook.com
A testimony from Louise
“I was quite apprehensive about joining the Fellowship Group, I’m far from a Bible expert, my faith seems to waver on a daily basis and I wasn’t a regular at Church before lockdown started. I felt sure I would say something offensive or silly, or I’d be stuck for words when others had plenty to say. My experience couldn’t have been more different. I have found a group of people in whom I can share my joy and my struggles, and with whom I can express my uncertainty and the gaps in my knowledge. I have asked questions I would have worried about asking before, and had answers that I can understand and relate to. Most importantly my appreciation and fascination with the Bible has grown, as have my questions! I am thinking more and more about my faith and how I can live a Christian life in today’s world. I feel my experience is giving me a good balance of academic, emotional and spiritual learning which combine to provide me with a more thoughtful, forgiving yet robust outlook on life. So I highly recommend a similar group to those of you who want to embark on your own unique journey of discovery, wherever it may lead!”