Shopping List JUNE 2022

The drop off point is St Mellitus Church Hall, 1 Church Road, Hanwell. W7 3BB.

It is open Wednesdays 10.00am to 4.00pm for donations of food.

Ealing Foodbank has partnered with a food charity called Bankuet. This offers you an alternative way to get donated food to us at Hanwell, if maybe you are unable to shop in person and / or bring your donation to Hanwell.

You can access Bankuet by clicking on the link below and then you can select how much money you would like to donate, either as a one off or on a monthly basis. Ealing Foodbank then orders specific items from Bankuet, Bankuet then purchases the food and delivers it to Hanwell on a Wednesday morning.  Bankuet deducts a small fee from the donated money to recover some of their costs, but this is minimal.

If this is of interest, please go to the Bankuet website.

Alternatively,  if you are happy to continue to shop in store, deliver food yourself to Hanwell or to do an on-line supermarket shop for delivery to Hanwell on a Wednesday, then please find the Shopping List attached.

Again, many thanks for enabling Ealing Foodbank to help those sadly in need of a foodbank.

Thank you