A Refresh for St Mary’s

St Mary’s has had a church website for some years now. However, the previous version was not very easy to update and updated items were not easy for users to find.

The cross in the circle found above the arch at the front of St Mary’s has been used as a logo in many places in the church including the kneelers and the noticeboards. However, it is quite a complicated logo and doesn’t reduce in size very well to the sizes required for social media.

St Mary’s has therefore had a refresh of both our branding and our website.

The big idea is “Inside Out”:

  • To reflect the beauty of the inside of the church building – for those who have never been in the church, elements of its beauty are expressed in the visual identity which will be used on the website and in other St Mary’s publicity.
  • To reflect the beauty of Jesus in us – Jesus highlighted the wrong of the Pharisees in their hypocrisy (whitewashed tombs perfect on the outside but unattractive on the inside).

Inside Out is an invitation for us to be real with each other while allowing the Holy Spirit to work inside us.

The new logo is inspired by the octagonal shape of the communion table and the stained glass with a cross at the centre. The octagon is made up of pieces of different shapes which fit together to make the whole. If the pieces were all the same shape it wouldn’t be so striking. It would also be noticeable if one of the pieces was missing. It is the diversity that makes the whole beautiful. This is even more noticeable in the coloured version of the logo which will be used where appropriate.

The new St Mary’s website has been refreshed to include the new visual identity (with the logo and also patterning from the church building) and to be on an updated platform which should make it easier to update. The photos used on the website include photos taken at the photoshoot at St Mary’s on 12 May 2024.

We hope to have regular news articles on the website which can then also be referenced in the email notice sheet and on Facebook. If you are interested in contributing to the content or writing the occasional news article, please contact Wei Hei Kipling on weihei.kipling@talktalk.net.

Thanks must go to Naomi Clarke, Wei Hei and Will Cranmer of St Mary’s and also to our web developer Mark Wardell and brand reviewer Stuart Smith of The Smithy Creative.

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